Sunday, August 26, 2012

Family Vacation

Our trip this summer was Las Vegas.  We went a couple years ago and the boys loved it.  They talked about it for the next year and still remember things about it.  So Monday morning we left at 0600 for a long car ride.  It felt like the driving would never end, but we go to our destination at 1400 hours.
We checked into Treasure Island (where I scored a great deal through Priceline). We got to our room and immediately put on our swim suits to go for a dip in the pool.  While we were there, it started raining and subsequently we went back to our room.  The rest of the afternoon consisted of sight seeing and relaxing as a family.  One of our highlights was going to the Coca Cola store and sampling Coke from around the world.  We tasted each kind as a family and then discussed it.  There were good and bad ones.  The worst by far was the "Beverly" from England.  I hope to never drink that again!
The next morning, we headed to the Hoover Dam.  David and I really enjoyed it, but the boys hated it.  Looking back it was a little boring for them.  We toured the turbines and went through a museum showing the process of building and reasons for it.  I thought it was very informative.  The fact that the Hoover Dam had been on Transformers really didn't matter so much to them.  On the way back to the strip, we got caught in a huge rain and lightening storm.  It was strange!  It was so bad, in fact, that motorcyclists were pulled over under the overpasses to keep dry.
On Wednesday morning we packed up and got ready to go to our next hotel....The Mandalay Bay.  We checked in early and got our bathing suits on again.  The pool was awesome!  There was a big wave pool (similar to Wild Waters) and a lazy river.  It was so much fun, we spent a lot of time there.  We made trips to the Excalibur for food since we were on a budget and there wasn't any place we could afford at the Mandalay Bay.  It was so much fun.
On Friday afternoon we headed home.  Quinten slept for four hours and Gavin slept three.  I guess we wore them out.  Vacations are always fun, but I come home feeling like I have a hangover.  It exhausted us all, but it was worth it.  Now to figure out what to do next year!


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